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Education Through Awareness
Education Through Appreciation
Education Through Passion


The Jesuit Dallas Museum was incorporated in 1986 as a non-profit institution to enhance the educational experience of students and the broader community through awareness, appreciation, and passion for art. Art from the collection is a creative and enjoyable way to reinforce many classroom concepts. We work with teachers to select artwork, design hands-on projects and create educational programs to enrich a variety of academic subjects from English and History to Mathematics and Science.

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Johannes Boekhoudt "Without a Face"

Without a Face is a group of paintings that depict children from around the world who do not want to see any more atrocities. Take a tour to see the impactful collection.

Native American Artists

The exhibition is a tribute to the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans. The JDM Collection contains numerous works that depict imagery of Native Americans and features important artists such as R.C. Gorman, Helen Hardin, and C.J. Wells.

Arie Van Selm

Arie Van Selm has developed strong roots in Dallas, living and working both continents for over forty years. The artist’s forthright style is characterized by bold, vibrant colors and limited subject matter. 

Otis Dozier & Texas Artists

The exhibition, Otis Dozier & Texas Artists features the acquisition of six works on paper by noted Texas artist Otis Dozier. The works have been acquired through a gift from the Estate of Denni Washburn, the niece of Otis Dozier.

WPA Artists of the 1930's and 1940's

As part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Great Depression, the government-funded Federal Art Project (1935 -43) of the WPA (Works Progress Administration) hired as many as 10,000 artists to create murals, paintings, sculpture, graphic art, posters, photography, theatre scenic design, and arts and crafts.

Laura Roosevelt "Historic American Pop"

Laura Roosevelt, President Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt’s, great-granddaughter specializes in abstract mixed media painting. Laura Roosevelt’s passion for history has pioneered a new form of American art with her “Historic American Pop” series. These pieces incorporate iconic photographs with textured, abstract backgrounds, reshaping the experience of those moments frozen in time.

Bill DeOre ’65 "Beyond the Big Shootout"

Bill DeOre shared the Dallas Morning newsroom with author Mark McDonald, while both also served as volunteer coaches in youth sports. It follows then, that the “seasoned” duo would once again connect on a project related to … what else … sports history.