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On December 2, 2020, The Jesuit Dallas Museum passed the Core Documents Verification program, which is the first step to full Accreditation of a Museum by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).  Earning Core Documents Verification means an internationally recognized professional organization for the museum industry has verified—through expert review—that the museum has an educational mission, strategic plan, code of ethics, and emergency and collections stewardship policies in place that meet standard practices of professional museums. These five documents are designated as “Core Documents” and evaluated because they are fundamental for basic professional museum operations and embody core museum values and practices.

The Jesuit Dallas Museum has completed the Accreditation Application which included a letter of support to the AAM from Howard Taylor, Director of the San Angelo Museum which was the first Museum accredited in Texas. The Museum has also completed the online Self-Study with the following sections: Organizational Data, Museum Overview, Operational Data, Educational Role, Public Service Role, Collections Stewardship Role, Planning, Organizational Heath and a Wrap-Up on why it is important, to whom, and how it makes a difference. The onsite visit from AAM is scheduled to take place between March 1 – April 15, 2022.

An enormous thank you goes to of our Board members and Docents who worked diligently to accomplish this endeavor. Susan Carringer, President Emeritus of the Board,  has lead the Accreditation team:  Susie Andrews, Mike Earsing, Diane Eudy, Fred Jackson, James Kramer, Lisa Meyer, Claudia McLeod, Pamela Nelson, Meg Reznicek, Seth Waits, and Claire Ward.