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Board of Trustees

The Jesuit Dallas Museum Trustees meet on a regular basis and oversee high level aspects of Museum business and activities. Board committees focus on such areas as acquisition, special events, and finance. The long term strategic planning of these dedicated volunteers has a positive impact on the success of the Museum.

Interested parties can obtain copies of the Museum’s governing documents, policies and summary financial statements upon request by e-mailing or calling the Museum office at 972-387-8700 x383.

2022-23 Museum Trustees

Fred Jackson - President
Susie Andrews
Jim Barrow*
Hank Beckman*
Susan Carringer*
Bill DeOre* '65
Judy Dryden*
Michael A. Earsing
Diane Eudy
James Ferrara’79
Elizabeth Hunt Blanc - Museum Director
Kevin Keeney
James Kramer
Robert McDermott '60
Claudia McLeod
Lisa Meyer
Juliette Smith Moussa
Pamela Nelson
Meg Reznicek
Kristy Stubbs*
Seth Waits '01
Claire Ward
Becca Weigman

* Emeritus Status