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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Jesuit Dallas Museum!

We are very unique and fortunate that every day the Jesuit Dallas Museum extensive collection enriches the experience of students attending Jesuit College Preparatory. Enter the building as Lightning Field, 1997 by Lee N. Smith greets you. This work of art was donated to the Jesuit Dallas Museum due to its portrayal of teenage boys out exploring. Glenna Goodacre's The Athlete welcomes visitors as a tribute to one of Jesuit’s fine traditions. Walk up the stairs to the counseling offices and see James Rizzi’s brightly colored works, “Make Friends with Life and People.” Included in the museum are pop artists, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Claes Oldenburg, and Robert Rauschenberg, Native American artists such as R.C. Gorman’s Navajo Code Talker, Texan Artists, Spanish artists, Mexican Artists, and many others.

The Jesuit Dallas Museum is fortunate to have an excellent Board of Trustees who continue to build the Museum Collection and support the Jesuit Dallas Museum's mission: To enhance the educational experience of students and the broader community through awareness, appreciation, and passion for art. 

We collaborate with faculty and staff to work together to develop specific tours to illustrate what students are learning in the classroom and incorporate this with the Museum collection. Our docents guide visitors and students on tours. Beginning in 2014, the Jesuit Dallas Museum set out to curate and attract exhibitions that enhance the mission of the Museum, increase the institution’s standing in the community, and engage with local and Jesuit alumni artists. 

Elizabeth Hunt Blanc