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The American Alliance of Museums (AAM), the premier organization representing the entire scope of the national museum community, has announced the Jesuit Dallas Museum (JDM) among its newest accreditations. Of the estimated 34,000 museums in the United States, just roughly 1,000 of the most prominent and prestigious have received accreditation, signaling the highest national standard of recognition possible for a museum.

"Jesuit Dallas Museum enhances student life at College Preparatory School.” December/January 2017.
Nancy Cohen Israel wrote about artist Johannes Boekhoudt in the article, “His expressionist paintings have a strong element of social justice and spirituality to them. In many ways, they are a visual manifestation of the school’s motto, Men for Others.”  The Johannes Boekhoudt exhibition, dealt with homelessness, abandonment but also hope.

"The Best High School Art Gallery You Never Knew About." April 2018.
The article quoted art critic Richard Brettell, the Margaret McDermott Distinguished Chair at the University of Texas, who stated that “The museum is unique in the region and, perhaps in the entire center of the country. At Jesuit students can be exposed to important works of art by a wide range of artists and to works from the tradition of native Americans”.  The article also publicized the ability of outside groups to schedule tours of the collection.

Luis Lara included and translated two articles: Art Inspiration: Will Barnet, September 2020 and Art Inspiration: James Rizzi, October 2020 for the El Comunicador De DallasThe Observer featured the Museum in March 2018. 

The Roundup is the school’s online newspaper. Students write articles on exhibitions, Museum events and pieces in the collection. Recently, The Roundup featured an article on the Jesuit Dallas Museum receiving the Core Documents Verification award from the Alliance of American Museum.

It’s a breezy and sunny Friday in March, the last day of school before spring break, and boys in jackets and ties are quietly studying in the library when the bell rings. A noisy throng races through the foyer and past paintings by R.C Gorman, David Bates, and others. The nameplate nearby identifies them as works by Salvador Dalí that Stanley Marcus donated to the school. Jesuit College Preparatory School is the home of the Jesuit Dallas Museum.

The Dietschy Collection donated by Mr. & Mrs. John Dietschy August, 2019. Their three sons attended Jesuit. John A. Buxton, ISA, CAPP stated “The Dietschy collection of ethnographic art was assembled over decades with the discerning eye of a knowledgeable collector. Most importantly this collection offers opportunities to the students of Jesuit Dallas that are rarely afforded before college level programs.  To be able to handle, study, and research authentic ethnographic art will no doubt inspire some of our future art collectors and scholars."