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Art Inspiration: Quincy Conwell

Quincy Conwell  Improvisation Acrylic on Canvas, 2001 36" x 48". 

Shakespeare used music to evoke mood,  “If Music be the food of love, play on, play on." Quincy Conwell is inspired by Jazz music to paint his vivid colorful and inspiring paintings of Jazz Musicians playing. You can feel the music pouring out of his work.  

Quincy Conwell 

Born in Chicago, African American artist, Quincy Conwell has been painting since childhood and has a natural interest in color and music. Conwell attended the University of Illinois at Champagne in Urbana, and studied design at Hampton University in Virginia. Conwell’s drawings and paintings are influenced by the creative sounds of music heard in jazz, blues, and classical songs. The principles of harmony, balance and rhythm have contributed to his ultimate quest to express the beauty and order of music. Geometric patterns are incorporated into his art creating dancing movements with the musicians.  

Quincy Conwell exhibited at The Jesuit Dallas Museum in 2001 and stated, “My drawings and paintings are influenced by the principles of organic design through a series of interlocking geometric lines and shapes. These principles were heavily used by the late renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and demonstrated throughout his buildings. Combined with a strong, stylized form of art are added forms of geometry, ultimately defining a style of cubism. My rich colors give expression to the figures, allowing them to musically move throughout the paintings. These overall elements of contemporary abstractism have been influenced by the artwork of George Braque and Naum Gabo. My objective is ultimately to execute order through design while showing relationships between architecture, art and music using form, color and composition. I have studied this method of modern art for several years, which has evolved into a unique style of contemporary abstractism.” 

Conwell’s work is an integration of design, color and composition. He creates in a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil, and pen and ink.  Mr. Conwell has a studio in Dallas. If you would like to listen to some Jazz please click on Miles Davis, My Funny Valentine.