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Fine Art Collection

Come and be inspired by artwork from five continents and 25 countries, spanning years of art and culture. Works by internationally recognized artists include: Ansel Adams, Yaacov Agam, David Bates, Dale Chihuly, Salvador Dali, Glenna Goodacre, R.C. Gorman, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Jesus Moroles, Claes Oldenburg, Jose Orozco, Gary Lee Price, Diego Rivera, Robert Rauschenberg, Fritz Scholder, Miguel Zapata, and others. The collection is displayed throughout the Jesuit school campus in the historical library, information commons, hallways, courtyards, classrooms, offices, and more. The individual works are complemented by a collection of ceramics, sculptures and shells. The Jesuit Dallas Museum invites students, and visitors alike, to explore a diverse world of artistic genres and ideas.

The Jesuit Dallas Museum houses a collection of unique bronze sculptures. Important works include works by: Francoise Abraham, Armando Amaya, Jules Aime Dalou, Scott Carroll '79, John Collier, Glenna Goodacre, R.C. Gorman, Robert Hogan, Jean Mahie, Anita Pauwels, Rusty Phelps, Gary Lee Price, and several others. Each artist’s work can be recognized for the exact execution of realism. Anita Pauwels created the statuette of Aloysius Gonzaga as the prototype for the full size sculpture in the Hall of Honors. Aloysius Gonzaga is the Patron Saint of Jesuit Dallas.

Several of the bronzes were cast at local foundries and recently, the Bryant Foundry gave the Jesuit Dallas Museum the original plaster casts and rubber molds for the casting of the bronzes of Brother Burt Rivet’s sculptures, the Athlete and Mother and Child. Brother Burt Rivet, S.J, (1923 – 1985) a gifted artist in his own right, promoted the aesthetic development of Jesuit by creating, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. Brother Rivet studied ancient sculpture and was inspired by it.